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Sensus Coaching

Hannah Butler

My passion is people, their development and the process of change. I have over 20 years of leadership experience, where I have developed an overwhelming curiosity in how people learn and how this can be facilitated. Over the years I have worked with and developed several models to support my own and other peoples learning journey. However, I have constantly been drawn towards coaching as the most effective approach.



I am an accredited Senior Practitioner with the EMCC, this provides clients with the security and reassurance of competence.

The EIA is a an award which is recognised  throughout Europe. It demonstrates that I have the appropriate level of knowledge, skills and experience to apply effective coaching strategies. It raises the  standards of professionalism in coaching, by ensuring  I am dedicated to reflective practice and continuous professional development.

EMCC Accredited

My Interest and Pas​sion

I have a belief in people’s ability to develop, grow and learn through the thinking process. My approach is one which provides a safe container enabling the development of deep thinking, questioning and doubt. This presses pause and brings people to their inner self, working with conflict, building questions and considering options. I am passionate about people development and the strength people have to work on their own challenges and empowering their authenticity to show up.

"Learning is the discovery that something is possible."

Fritz Perls 

Signature Style

I believe people have the power to thrive. I support organisational growth through inviting people to focus on deep thinking, have the courage to grapple with discomfort, vulnerability and doubt and embrace their whole self.

I provide a safe space to support cognitive conflict, enabling people to search for their own creative solutions.  I am confident in people ability to be brilliant and support them to find their authentic self and inner wisdom. I bring emotional resilience to deal with the more difficult or sensitive situations with empathy. My dedication to studies and reflective practice has enabled me to develop my communication enabling  clarity and understanding; support people to develop in a way to encourages responsibility and awareness through a supportive framework.

I am excited by the dynamic nature of relationships; the need to be fluid, flexible and innovative has never been as necessary as it is in today’s climate; this is the type of climate that I thrive in. I enjoy the feeling of being part of something good, which has energy and life, this personal characteristic is motivating to clients. Ideas and innovation come from all people and I analyse and establish how to make innovation become a reality through connecting others to their thinking process.

Succession is a crucial element of healthy organisations; supporting growth and development is an efficient way to recognise and reward aspiring people. It is important to foster peoples strengths  and acknowledge the need for new leadership skills to emerge.  

"You cannot get courage

without walking through vulnerability"

Brene Brown