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Sensus Coaching

 Our Values  

We believe in people’s ability to transform their lives, lead with authenticity and flourish professionally. We know those who lead well are individuals who shape a healthy culture and grow their people. We  believe in supporting organisations to gain clarity, lead with heart and connect to their people. This wholehearted approach allows creativity to thrive, opens dialogue and creates conscious leadership. Our approach enables people to pause, explore, connect to their inner wisdom and flourish.


Our Approach

We support people's growth and invite them to develop self -awareness and fulfil their potential. We encourage people to pay close attention their story; using the present as a resource to work with the complexity and ambiguity of the modern workplace.

SensUs believes in a person-centred approach, where inspirational people shape their future and grow the talent around them. 

Our Services 

121 and Team Coaching

We provide 1:1 and team coaching which creates space and pause to think clearly. We work with stories and narratives which might be getting in the way; increasing people's ability to move beyond limiting beliefs and assumptions to engaged fully in what they do.

Coaching and Mentoring Training

Our training focuses a belief that people are better together and highly effective teams, co-create to deliver amazing outcomes. 

We focus and respond to the unique needs of every group, bringing a personalised approach to learning.

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